What's New Summary

2013 Fourth JCSI Report(December 11, 2013)

The Service Productivity & Innovation for Growth (SPRING. Principal Member, Mr. Naoyuki Akikusa, Advisor of Fujitsu Ltd.) announced the customer satisfaction of 88 companies and brands in the 6 sectors of supermarkets, home appliances retail, home hardware stores, life insurances, non-life insurances (auto & fire), life related services (former esthetic clinics) as the result of the fourth survey of Japanese Customer Satisfaction Index (JCSI) in 2013.

The companies/brands that recorded highest JCSI score in each sectors are as follows:

OK (supermarkets)
Yodobashi Camera (home appliances retail)
Seria (home hardware stores)
Coop Kyosai (life insurance)
SONY Assurance (non-life insurance)
Musee Platinum (life related services)

JCSI is one of the largest customer satisfaction surveys in Japan that collects feedback from more than 120,000 users through statistical method. JCSI allows for cross-sectorial comparison and analysis of the structure of customer satisfaction and positioning. This year, the survey will be conducted 5 times (4 times in 2013) and more than 400 companies/brands in 33 sectors will be covered. This survey is done from 2009 to encourage "cross-sectorial competition that is based on customer evaluation," to spread management's awareness on high value added and customer satisfaction, and to eventually improve growth and international competitiveness of Japanese companies.