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JPC expert enhancing KAIZEN mind in Ethiopia

JPC is now engaged in JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)'s "Project for Capacity Development for KAIZEN Implementation for Quality and Productivity Improvement and Competitiveness Enhancement" in Ethiopia.
JPC expert Mr. Takeshi Fujita, who serves as the vice chief adviser of the project, has appeared in an article featuring KAIZEN activities in Ethiopia, "Nippon Mind Supports Workplace in the World" in JICA's seasonal magazine, "JICA's WORLD."
This article introduces the footprints of KAIZEN mind to be distributed to the world and a new KAIZEN project in Ethiopia.

For the further information and the full text, please go to the following link;

Cover : http://www.jica.go.jp/english/publications/j-world/1601.html
Source : JICA's WORLD, January 2016 Vol.8 No.1, pp.8-11