What's New Summary

Practical KAIZEN in "RICOH IMAGING PRODUCTS (VIETNAM) CO., LTD." has been studied by the local members of WISE Project in Hanoi, Vietnam.
(July 15, 2016)

The local members and Japanese coaches visits to RICOH IMAGING PRODUCTS (Vietnam) CO., LTD.
The local members and Japanese coaches visits to "RICOH IMAGING PRODUCTS (Vietnam) CO., LTD.".

The Vietnamese members and Japanese coaches of WISE Project has visited "RICOH IMAGING PRODUCTS (Vietnam) CO., LTD." on July 15, 2016. They have learned how Kaizen methods are introduced at the actual operation site to solve the issues in one of the best practice company, and how important to manage this continuously and ingrain this proactive Kaizen activities into the company.
This learning could not be made in the classroom session and the participants surely apply this to the presentation of their action plans for workplace improvement and employee satisfaction to the local pilot companies on 4th week of July, 2016.

<About this WISE Project>
The WISE Project has started in June 2016. This project is not only conducted by JPC members but also local members who are keen on studying and implementing workplace improvement and employee satisfaction for local companies. To begin with, we have set 10 days to learn the basic skills for consultation, analysis of Employee satisfaction survey and Kaizen methods for WISE project. From July 4, 2016, the local members are divided into 4 teams and started analyzing the issues for the 4 local pilot companies together with Japanese coaches. In next 3 months, the local member together with the employee's team for the pilot company built for this project conduct the action plan prepared from the analysis. This project plans to implement this to total 16 local companies in 2 years.

<The detailed information of visit to "RICOH IMAGING PRODUCTS (Vietnam) CO., LTD.">
On July 15, 17 local members have participated this study tour and took the bus to the factory of this company located in Sai Dong B Industrial Zone. At the beginning, General Director, Mr. Kobayashi has introduced briefly about the company's profile and then, the factory tour has started. He has not only explained the process of each operation but also the implemented Kaizen ideas to overcome their issues. After the tour, he had answered all the questions we had sincerely with the detailed information.