What's New Summary

The seminar to share the experience of 1st semester of WISE Project was held in Hanoi, Vietnam and 92 people have participated.
(October 27, 2016)

All of representative of local pilot companies, the local members and Japanese coaches
have enjoyed the sharing of their experiences for the 1st semester.

JPC cooperated with VNPI has held the public seminar to report the 1st semester of the project, “Workplace Improvement & Satisfaction of Employees (WISE) in Hanoi Region” at Candle hotel in Hanoi on October 27th. At this seminar, local members have reported the brief information about the local pilot companies, what they have found from ES survey, what has been changed with their Kaizen activities, how they have achieved this successful change, and what they have learnt from the 1st semester at their local pilot companies. Additionally, the CEOs or representatives of 4 local pilot companies have joined this seminar and shared experiences for this WISE project and what change has happened in their company.

For this seminar, 92 people have participated from different sectors. Some participants are CEO of company facing the issue on their WISE matters, while others are keen on this WISE project itself, and the rests are interested in participating this project as a trainee.
From this sharing of the experiences to the public, the awareness of the importance of workplace improvement and employee satisfaction have been increased and we have finished this seminar with the hope and the enthusiasm for the next semester starting from November 7th, 2016.

< About this WISE Project >
The WISE Project has started in June 2016. This project is not only conducted by JPC members but also local members who are keen on studying and implementing workplace improvement and employee satisfaction for local companies. To begin with, we have set 10 days to learn the basic skills for consultation, analysis of Employee satisfaction survey and Kaizen methods for WISE project. From July 4, 2016, the local members are divided into 4 teams and started analyzing the issues for the 4 local pilot companies together with Japanese coaches. For 3 months, the local member together with the employee’s team for the pilot company built for this project has conducted the action plan prepared from the analysis. This project plans to implement this to total 16 local companies in 2 years.