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C-Suite Challenge 2019™
How CEOs in Japan see the "Future-Ready Organization" - Transparency and diversity are keys for Japan toward 2025 -
(January 31, 2019)

The Japan Productivity Center (President: Yuzaburo Mogi) and The Conference Board (President and CEO: Steve Odland) have begun working together on various business and economics topics, which include business leadership in raising global productivity.

As part of this partnership, the Japan Productivity Center (JPC) became a regional partner for the C-Suite Challenge, The Conference Board's global survey of C-Suite executives. In this capacity, as a regional partner, JPC contacted C-Suite executives in Japan about participating in the survey.

The survey was conducted between September and October in 2018. It asked 1437 C-Suite executives from 59 countries including Japan for their views about the top business challenges facing their organization in both the year ahead – 2019 – and well into the future, through 2025. Executives also provided input on their strategies for meeting those challenges. Key findings include:

  1. Globally, CEOs rank a recession as their #1 external concern for 2019. Global political instability and trade threats follow as their second and third top external concerns, respectively. Japan's CEOs are more concerned about the impact of climate change than other CEOs globally. Effects of Brexit was #7 in Europe and was at the lowest rank in Japan, US and China.
  2. Globally, CEOs rank attracting and retaining top talent as their #1 internal concern. Creating new business models due to disruptive technology ranks as their second biggest internal concern. CEOs in Japan place higher priority than their global peers do on workforce diversity.
  3. Looking out to 2025, globally and for Japan's CEOs, establishing an open and transparent speak-up culture is the #1 prerequisite for a truly inclusive organization that sparks innovation. Providing all employees with opportunities for continuous learning and cross-functional diverse teams are top priorities that follow in rank, globally. Transparency in information sharing at all organization levels ranks higher for Japan. Sense of belonging is #1 in Europe and China.
  4. Leader accountability for engaging cultures to attract and retain talent is essential for successful human capital management in 2025. Greater transparency and information sharing at all organization levels and emphasis and rewards for inclusive behavior are keys that follow to managing future workforces in Japan.
  5. Globally, CEOs have relatively high confidence in their organizations being ready for 2025. Confidence is, on average, lowest in Japan. CEOs in Japan have less confidence in having the right go-to-market model. The right leaders and the right culture as well have the largest difference against global level.

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The Conference Board, News Release, "Survey: In 2019, CEOs are Most Concerned about Talent and a Recession",
URL: https://www.conference-board.org/pdf_free/press/Press%20Release%20--%20C-Suite%20Challenge%202019.pdf

Final report of C-suite Challenge 2019 will be published in March.

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